Now available! Keep checking your local stores for our R+F Nappy Pants!


Made with the same premium features as our nappies, our Nappy Pants are designed for wriggly rascals and jumpy juniors! Available in sizes 5 and 6.


Unique deep pocket to reduce likelihood of overflow

Breathable backsheet with air circulation to keep your rascal´s skin dry

Soft curved leg cuff for the most comfortable fit

Special double leak guard helps prevent leaking or explosions from the sides

Absorbency channel: New innovative design increases absorbency area to help prevent leaks

Super feather soft,
non-woven absorbency layer with liquid dispersion

Soft stretchy waistband for easy speedy changing and the perfect fit

Resealable tab to roll up and fasten the nappy after use

Handy size indicator

Our cute rascally design for the most stylish baby bums around

pack sizes


Toddler - 29 pants

Walker - 26 pants

Junior - 24 pants

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